Diversity & Inclusion

Jackson & Campbell, P.C. has a long and prominent history of promoting and supporting equal opportunity. Ed Campbell, one of the founders of the Firm, along with his wife Elizabeth, played pivotal roles in the desegregation of Virginia public schools in the 1950s and remained deeply involved in the civil rights movement during the 1960s. The Campbell Elementary School in Arlington, Virginia, named in his honor, preserves that heritage. His commitment to diversity remains a living reality within the Firm as well.

At Jackson & Campbell, we believe that diversity and inclusion – while laudable goals themselves – also encourages and strengthens the sort of collegial environment in which individuals with different backgrounds can collaborate to serve the needs of their clients while developing their full potential. In that very real sense, our clients benefit from our commitment to diversity.

We do not simply wait for diversity to happen of its own accord. Our Diversity & Inclusion Committee members actively identify, develop, and support programs and policies designed to attract, mentor, and retain qualified and diverse individuals. Only through such actions can Jackson & Campbell both accurately reflect the diverse makeup of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area in which we live, and provide quality legal services tailored to address the individual needs of its clients both locally and throughout the United States. Our success is reflected by the vastly increased diversity of the Firm’s management over the past decade.

Ultimately, doing the right thing requires no further justification. But we believe that diversity in the workplace makes us better lawyers, more flexible, more tolerant, more open to different viewpoints. This, in turn, fosters strong and durable relationships with our clients.