As a trusts and estates attorney who delves beyond the legal questions of estate planning, Kyle Sylor understands the needs of clients. He guides them through the legal nuances while addressing the deeply personal and often challenging subject matter. He concentrates his practice on drafting comprehensive estate plans for high net-worth individuals in the District of Columbia.

Through his experience in drafting estate plans for high net-worth individuals, Kyle concentrates his practice on assisting clients as they navigate the difficult decisions that arise from preparing and administering estates.

Kyle has prepared estate plans for clients with various needs and special circumstances, including individuals with blended families, individuals who care for family members with special needs, and individuals with non-citizen spouses. Kyle assists clients to create estate plans that address federal gift and estate tax, generation skipping tax, and capital gains tax. When it is necessary to ensure consistency in all aspects of an estate plan, Kyle works closely with a client’s financial advisers and accountants. He is experienced in drafting a full suite of estate planning documents, including wills, trusts, pre-marital agreements, post-martial agreements, cohabitation agreements, health care powers of attorney, and financial powers of attorney.

In addition to representing clients in trusts and estates matters, Kyle is experienced in compliance requirements regarding District of Columbia licensed medical cannabis facilities. In representing a DC facility, he served as liaison between the facility managers, the District of Columbia Department of Health, accountants, investors, and financial institutions.

Prior to joining Jackson and Campbell, Kyle was the estate planning attorney at the Weidenfeld Law Firm in the District of Columbia.