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Chaired by Arthur D. Burger, a former member of the ABA Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility and a nationally recognized leader in the field, Jackson & Campbell’s Professional Responsibility Practice Group has represented distinguished law firms and attorneys for nearly 20 years.   The Group serves as outside counsel to many law firms and represents clients in litigation as well as providing advice and assistance on matters related to legal ethics and the law governing lawyers.

The scope of the Group’s litigation matters include defense of suits in federal and state courts alleging legal malpractice and/or breaches of fiduciary duties, arbitration proceedings relating to internal law firm disputes and break ups, disciplinary investigations and proceedings and motions to disqualify.  The scope of matters for which the Group provides advice and counsel to its law firm and lawyer clients include discrete ethical quandaries or potential claims that arise, such as complex questions as to potential conflicts of interest, as well as routine prophylactic advice regarding risk management practices.

Members of the Group also serve as expert witnesses.

Common subject matters addressed by the group include:

  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Legal Malpractice and Fiduciary Duties
  • Client Disputes and Withdrawal as Counsel
  • Confidentiality and Privilege Issues
  • Lawyer Migration
  • Sanctions
  • Fee Disputes
  • Retainer Agreements and Advance Waivers
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Law Firm Web Sites


Representative Matters

The Professional Responsibility Practice Group has been successful in numerous suits in federal and state courts and Bar tribunals, as well as resolving disputes through negotiation.  Notwithstanding the numerous successes we have achieved for our clients, given the nature of our work on behalf of law firms and lawyers on sensitive and privileged matters, we protect the confidentiality of our clients by avoiding any mention of their identity or any reference their matters on this website, even when they involve publicly reported adjudications.

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