Name Email Address Phone Position
Nathan J. Bresee 202.457.1668 Director
Richard W. Bryan 202.457.1638 Director
Susan Knell Bumbalo 202.457.1642 Senior Counsel
Arthur D. Burger 202.457.1606 Director
Jeremy D. Camacho 202.457.1680 Associate
David H. Cox 202.457.1634 Director
William E. Davis 202.457.1674 Director
Crystal S. Deese 202.457.1611 Director
Pamela J. Diedrich 202.457.1671 Senior Counsel
Laura M. D’Agostino 202.457.1626 Associate
Arthur C. Elgin, Jr. 202.457.1620 Of Counsel
Christopher P. Ferragamo 202.457.5458 Director
Christopher A. Glaser 202.457.1612 Director
Glenn W.D. Golding 202.457.1690 Senior Counsel
Peter J. Jenkins 202.457.1605 Senior Counsel
Sathima H. Jones 202-457-1656 Associate
Roy L. Kaufmann 202.457.6710 Of Counsel
David L. Kelleher 202.457.1685 Director
Robert N. Kelly 202.457.1647 Director
Arthur F. Konopka 202.457.1649 Of Counsel
Nancy Ortmeyer Kuhn 202.457.1621 Director
Alyssa Lechmanik 202.457.1629 Associate
Erica L. Litovitz 202.457.1643 Associate
Warren Lutz 202.457.1688 Director
Daniel J. Lynn 202.457.1604 Director
James N. Markels 202.457.1610 Senior Associate
John J. Matteo 202.457.5457 President
Nicholas S. McConnell 202.457.1628 Of Counsel
Erin N. McGonagle 202.457.4287 Director
James R. Michal 202.457.1652 Of Counsel
Elderidge A. Nichols, Jr. 202.457.1696 Associate
Christopher M. Quinlan 202.457.1619 Associate
David A. Rahnis 202.457.1673 Senior Counsel
Meagan E. Roach 202.457.1627 Associate
Trevor M. Rose 202.457.1698 Associate
James P. Schaller 202.457.1630 Of Counsel
Paul D. Smolinsky 202.457.4265 Director
Kyle J. Sylor 202.457.1613 Associate
Brian W. Thompson 202.457.1648 Director
Marie L. VanDam 202.457.1622 Director
Kristen C. Vine 202.457.6735 Senior Counsel
Mitchell B. Weitzman 202.457.1695 Director